Thankful Things Thursday: Name Game

It’s Thankful Things Thursday… on the actual Thursday!

Is that a miracle or what?!?  I know there’s other things that are way more miracle-y than that, but hey, whatev…

By now, I’m sure MOST of you know what I am thankful for this week…

I am thankful for HUEY! 


Is he not the most adorable, best thing that you have ever seen?!? 



He’s still acting super shy, but he’s coming around each and every time we play.  During the day, I just can’t stop looking at his picture and thinking about him.  He’s just awesome.  He’s such a lover, too… he just loves to snuggle up and be held. 


I am totally in love if you can’t tell…

I am thankful we found a name we both love!  So how did we get to Huey, you ask?  How could you not!  Just kidding… we both love Huey Lewis and the News.  Evan took me to a Huey Lewis and the News concert and we got to meet him!  It was a HUGE highlight in my life… considering he is a music ICON!


I’m going to start playing his music for the little guy to listen.  Hopefully, he will become just as big of a fan;)

I am thankful my brother and his girlfriend, Allison (who is also one of my bridesmaids) get in town tonight!  I can’t wait to see them both… it has been forever, I think since Christmas maybe.  I’m not totally sure, only I AM totally sure it has been toooooooooo long.  So, I’m excited to enjoy a cocktail with them tonight when they get in town.

I am thankful I took the day off tomorrow.  Huey probably needs a little more attention, and I want to spend a little more time with Byron and Allison. So, it ALLLLLLLLLL works out perfectly!


  1. How adorable is Huey! I love puppies! That picture of him snuggling with you is adorable… Ahh, Huey Lewis and the News…. big fan! :)
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