Guess What?!?

Typically during the summer, life starts to slow down a little… right?!?

I felt like it did last year and the year before that… but NOT this year.  It’s been a mile a minute and isn’t about to stop! I know there’s a few things in my life that are making it a LIIIIIIIT-TLE busier than normal… AND, as if planning a wedding isn’t enough… well, Evan and I made a REALLY BIG DECISION this past week.

Here’s a hint…


Can you guess?

Yep… we got a little puppy!!!  This is NOT just a totally random decision… we have been talking/thinking/dreaming about getting a puppy for a long time.  We ALMOST got one over a year ago to the point where we had the appointment already set up.  So, after talking it over and deciding there is no real PERFECT time… we jumped right in!


This is our guy’s little pic from the internet (which is where I found him).  He is a Miniature Australian Shepherd… ever since we’ve had Mac (my parent’s dog) I’ve been in love with Australian Shepherds.  I’m in love with all dogs to be honest, but this breed has a special place in my heart.  So, I knew this was the breed for us.

I go pick up the little guy tomorrow and I cannot wait;)  More pics to come! Oh, and I’m taking name suggestions!


  1. totally beyond adorable!
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